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the san pedro wallet

the san pedro wallet

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The wallet, the essential ID holder, the moola organizer, this clean-lined, soft leather, smooth wallet is Sonora's signature.  Made with sustainability and craftsmanship in mind, this cactus leather wallet is hard to beat. 6 slips on each side, and bi-fold money pouch, this wallet is guaranteed to last a decade. Pull the trigger and get rid of your dusty overstretched wallet. Start fresh with the Sonora smooth wallet. 


Desserto Vegan Cactus Leather

Sustainability in Bio-Based Cactus Materials

Sonora’s materials are cactus derived bio-based vegan leather created on a ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico. Nopal Cacti have elephant ear-shaped cactus pads that can be cut singly and harvested every 6-8 months, without killing the plant. The material are then broken down, dried and pressed with organic bio-resin dyes. The material has a high tensile strength and is highly abrasive resistant compared to animal leathers. The material is naturally soft and highly durable and guaranteed to last a long time with proper care. Bio-base plant materials like cactus are very sustainable because they require low amounts of water and no fertilizer to thrive. 


Shipping & Returns

Free Returns withing 30 days

Care Instructions

Clean only by handwash with warm water, no leather conditioners or soaps.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Juan Rodriguez
Great quality!

Just got my wallet, really happy with it. Great feel, sturdy quality and light weight. Really does feel like actual leather.

Amazing wallet

This is one of the finest wallets I have ever received. The cactus base leather feels even better than authentic, soft leather. It is also far more durable and far more lightweight than the leather wallets I used to have. Can fit more than six cards easily, and multiple bills without getting too thick. Design, stitching, color are all fantastic. But the greatest and most amazing aspect of this wallet is the cruelty, free, sustainable, eco-friendly nature of the wallet.

Parth Bhateja
Fantastic product!

Love my wallet so much! The quality of the product is phenomenal and I can’t stop telling all my friends to check out my wallet and try it out for themselves. Great customer service on top of everything as well.

Shane Bright
Super impressed!

Very impressed with the overall quality of this wallet. Fits my ridiculous amount of cards and looks classy in the process. Very pleased!

Marc Limsiaco
Great quality

Amazing quality and design for a very competitive price.