Bio-Based Materials

Sonora’s materials are cactus derived bio-based vegan leather created on a ranch in Zacatecas, Mexico. Nopal Cacti have elephant ear-shaped cactus pads that can be cut singly and harvested every 6-8 months, without killing the plant. The material are then broken down, dried and pressed with organic bio-resin dyes. The material has a high tensile strength and is highly abrasive resistant compared to animal leathers. The material is naturally soft and highly durable and guaranteed to last a long time with proper care. Bio-base plant materials like cactus are very sustainable because they require low amounts of water and no fertilizer to thrive. 



Without PU plastics or large carbon footprint farming, our material is more sustainable and biodegradable under anaerobic conditions.


Every part of the manufacturing process from raw materials to development is ethically created with fair trade and fair wages


We strive to produce classic styles but innovate them to modern products with a sustainable upgrade